Tadora(tadalafil) Tadora(tadalafil)
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I started using tadora about a week ago. The third day is a strong erection, my first really hard over nine years after open heart surgery. I took another tadora on the third day and then nothing happened. It seemed to stop working for me. Then yesterday, six days, I took another, and suddenly it’s like I’m 16. Get hard if the wind blows. My wife and I are very happy and I feel like your life is suddenly changed for the better.

Now I understand why Lilly has an advertising campaign multi-million dollar offering a free trial for 30 days! To win new customers because they have so little to those of repeating! TV spot shows their man in soaking tubs, as apparently did relieve the pain! They are very healthy, because I take care of myself. I’ve seen are about 53 and I do construction work physically demanding. Despite my age I’m still one of the best and are now competing with many young people to keep my job well. These side effects really hurt my performance of work this week and I can not work today and beyond that it is too early to tell. Never guess just try drug low dose could ultimately cost me my job and career! I’ll be just another victim of corporate greed!

The only thing that gave me this pill has been strong flu-like symptoms. I will try again and see if the results are better, but so far I’m not impressed at all and $ 80 in the hole. Complete waste of money and suffered flu-like symptoms throughout the day. It ‘s very difficult to be in the mood for sex when you feel ill, with a throbbing headache.