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I am 48 years old and makes me feel 20 again, “there”. 25mg take on an empty stomach pre-dissolved in water and operates in 10 minutes. Side effects were mild .. stuffy nose and a slight headache occasionally. I can be very effective for about 4 to 6 hours with a fast recovery time. This is a great drug, but without exaggeration. Taking each day, is not as sweet as once or twice a week.

I started using Nizagara 100 mg about 10 years ago (the doctor has prescribed 50 mg) 2 hours before intercourse. It worked very well. After a few weeks, I thought that maybe a smaller dose would be enough for me. I used the pill into powder and a pinch of Nizagara (about 5 mg) 2 hours before intercourse. This gave reliable erections and confidence. I used this lower dose, and it has worked well for me, and even saved.

After my car accident, any exercise will give me the pain of my wounds. After years, I had high cholesterol and high blood pressure 130/90. Later it gave me ED. Buy 100 mg and split every 4 people. Too much of it, the erection will continue long after sex is over. At 25 mg, is right. Erection ending just after or one hour after the act ends. Also, too much perhaps create other medical problems. If you do not get an erection during the night, then I take another party. In the morning I will have it. Please note that sex and foreplay is essential to a sexual act. Relax and enjoy. The inability to create anxiety.

Very firm erection in about 20 minutes after the initial dose. The dose of 100 mg was significantly more effective than lower doses. “Firmness” of erection is much more significant than 100 mg.

I’m 65 and I still have sex occasionally. People around me are surprised, but just do not know my secret. I started taking a long time ago, but in very rare cases. Now I take a pill before going to bed with my partner. Sometimes the effect lasts until morning. I think it’s true miracle.